7 Ways to Wear a Blouse

7 Ways to Wear a Blouse

A few years ago, when I was teaching in an elementary school, I discovered the versatility of a great blouse. 


The Basics:

Every wardrobe needs a few great blouses in solid colors. I highly recommend buying a black, navy and beige/white one for your wardrobe. Some people love a crisp cotton shirt, but for me, they are too constricting and tend to pull at the bust. I prefer a poly-blend or if you want an investment piece, you can’t beat silk.

Ann Taylor Loft is my go-to store for affordable, cute and well-made blouses. They always have great sales and most of the time, I buy them when they are 40% off!

I love these ones….

1. Wear it with jeans

If you don’t know what to put on in the morning, grab a black blouse and your favorite pair of jeans. Add ballet flats, loafer, riding boots, short boots or even heels and you will look instantly pulled together.

2. Wear it with black pants

Skinny, wide-leg, crop, long; any type of black pants look great with a solid or printed blouse. For day, pair with flats, kitten heels or boots and trade out low heel, for something higher if you have somewhere fun to go at night!

3. Wear it with a skirt

No matter what season, you are in, a blouse looks great with any type of skirt: pencil, a-line, knee-length, mini, skort or wrap.

4. Add a cardigan

I have a cardigan with me at all times during the colder months. Especially if you work in a building where the temperatures fluctuate. My old school had classrooms with a 10-15 degree difference! In the winter, I love wearing a feminine blouse, jeans and a big chunky cardigan (usually cashmere or a wool-blend).

5. Wear it with shorts

This is my favorite summer/vacation look. I pair a black or navy feminine blouse with white, black, navy, beige, coral, printed or jean shorts. It’s a bit fancier than a basic t-shirt and hides a tummy or muffin top nicely 🙂

6. Wear it with white pants

Is there anything more crisp and classic than a blouse with white pants? Add a blouse to white skinny jeans, wide-leg linen pants or crisp, cotton crop pants. So chic!

7. Add a blazer

A blazer in blouse can be worn to work with pants or paired with jeans for a more casual business casual look.


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